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  • – 20 years of medical marketing communications experience, medical education and medical strategies

    – National and international experience in many therapeutic and scientific areas /Health

    – Constitution and management of experts boards, training of sales forces, excellent writing skills, account management

    – bilingual English-French (fluent written /spoken – lived 2 years in the United States)

    – Very good relationship, habit and taste for teamwork

    – computer skill, regulatory rigor, digital experience

    – Independence, adaptability and responsiveness, good organisational skills, time management

  • Curious and rigorous, pay attention to your demands
  • Non promotional medical communication,
    Promotional health communication,
    Medical copywriting,
    Management of medical leaders,
    Health digital strategy,
    Health strategy France
  • 15 years experience
  • English – French
  • .
  • 150/HT hour
  • 1000/HT day
  • Updated ago 1 year
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