Why HealthXpertise

Why HealthXpertise?

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  • Because today the healthcare industry context has changed, forcing teams Laboratories, agencies to handle more cases with less budget and men, resulting in a increasing workload ...

– of available resources
– budgets
+ responsibilities




  • Marketing and communication campaigns have become global and affiliates have less and less needs for large communication agencies skills





  • The competitiveness of pharmaceutical solutions market requires more and more targeted marketing , medical, communication expertise

  • Develop a strategy for physicians, pharmacists, patients in France or globally
  • Manage opinion leaders
  • Create a concept
  • Imagine one or more communication tools
  • Inventing MedEd or educational materials
  • Write publishable story
  • Design digital media
  • Decline a communication to multiple targets
  • Create a video
  • Disseminate public relations
  • Organise an event

+200 Health Xperts At your disposal

  • HealthXpertise, +200 Independent Health Xperts !

  • The only network of Health Xperts trained women and men experienced + 10 years

  • 20% of them are Anglo-Saxon

  • The Xperts have undergone a rigorous selection, based on full knowledge of the Xpert, humanly and professionally.
    Each Xpert became "Member of HealthXpertise" according to a strict charter:

    • Quality of work

    • Good relationship

    • Respect of timing

    • Accuracy of estimates

  • HealthXpertise, the only network of independent Health Xperts, provides medical, marketing, communication teams to :

    • Complete teams internally or externally

    • Guide and manage strategic thinking

    • Provide accurate solutions

    • Accompany your activities in France or globally

  • They had CEO functions, Managing Directors, or Directors

  • Or are successful entrepreneurs

  • They know the industry needs by experience since 10 to 30 years

  • They are responsible

  • They know how to manage (their time, teams)

  • They are flexible

  • They are honest

  • They can be grouped into a taskforce on demand

  • They are passionate about Health

  • They are affordable and available!


Each Member of HealthXpertise can work alone or networked to offer the best response to each of your needs.

When do we start working with you?


At your disposal to Xpertise your needs!


+33 6 85 54 68 85


Our most used Xpertises

Non promotional medical communication60%
Promotional health communication80%
Health copywriting 50%
Health creation and design20%
Health events10%
Management of medical leaders40%
Health audiovisual production10%
Health digital strategy20%
Health strategy France80%
Global health strategy50%
Public relations20%

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