HealthXpertise : L & rsquo; s Health Communications Agency & rsquo; a new kind

HealthXpertise : L & rsquo; s Health Communications Agency & rsquo; a new kind

HealthXpertise is the only network +200 Xperts Marketing & Independent Health Communication available, directly !

How ?

The goal of this site is to bring together the Customers wishing strategy, a campaign, tools or simply marketing communication advice and health with the best consultants / freelancers this very specific sector. allows clients to identify, select and work with healthcare consultants with ease.

Of course HealthXpertise also allows all Healthcare Xperts, members of HealthXpertise, to be more visible and to simply present the quality of their work. This site is totally free for our customers and our Xperts.

HealthXpertise invoice the client by integrating a filler commission case 15% maximum amount of fees(s) l’Xpert(s), seamlessly.

1 - Responsibility

All Xperts have a strong experience in management (Pole direction, Business Unit, Managing Directors, or CEO) and expertise in strategy, marketing, health communication, etc., since at least 10 years.

2 - Trust

Each HealthXpertise member is known (and even recognised), and is selected for the quality of her/his work, his sense of responsibility and ability to effectively respond to your request; They guarantee fair and affordable and engage their quotes.

3 - Quality

Each Xpert has been through a serious selection process in order to offer you the network of the best independent Health consultants .

Discover our best experts

Select the Xpert, write directly to him an email on his space "Contact the & rsquo; Xpert" in the & rsquo; informing your request. It will be studied as soon as possible. HealthXpertise is a network +200 In Health Xperts. If you like HealthXpertise guide you, please let us know by completing the form "Send brief ? "Or" Contact ". We will reply within 48 hours.

You want that & rsquo; HealthXpertise guide you ?

They trust us and use our services

What the customers HealthXpertise

I worked on several occasions with Isabelle Génin and I do not hesitate to recommend her skills. Her ability to be in "the shoes" of her client and take into account both technical needs and personality of the latter, brings undeniable added value services..


— Isabelle Buckle, Executive Vice President Technology transfer & Industrial Partnerships, Pasteur Institute

HealthXpertise professionalism is at the height of its founder, which is a real health marketing expert, as agile in strategical thinking as handling operational activities. HealthXpertise has the advantage to meet multiple and specific customer needs with skilled expert(s), flexible, diligent and providing more than reasonable timing and costs.


- Helen Catallo, Sanofi


Comment fonctionne HealthXpertise ?

You want to assign a task to a health consultant for strategy, a campaign, tools or simply advice in marketing and communication. HealthXpertise connects you with the best consultants / freelancers this very specific sector. allows you to identify, select and work with healthcare consultants with ease.
Of course HealthXpertise also allows all Healthcare Xperts, members of HealthXpertise, to be more visible and to simply present the quality of their work. This site is totally free for our clients.
HealthXpertise invoice the client by integrating a filler commission case 15% maximum amount of fees(s) l’Xpert(s), seamlessly.

What is the goal of & rsquo; HealthXpertise?

Because health requires special expertise, HealthXpertise is a panel of more than 200 Xperts known and recognized in Health, selected on their individual skills Health, their human qualities, their medical and regulatory expertise, reliability and sense of responsibility.

equipped with 10 years minimum experience, they have chosen to offer their skills independently : Strategy-Development, Medical, Publications, Copywriting, Artistic Directorate-Studio, Public-Relations Event, Relations Patients, Video-Graphic Facilitation, Digital, Public affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Communication interne-RH, Coaching, RSE, …in French or English.

Can I use my company HealthXpertise ?

HealthXpertise is for all buyers, marketers, medical and responsible communication Pharma Laboratories, Biotech/Medtech, Communication agencies, Start-up, Mutuals / Insurers, Agribusiness seeking freelance expert / health consultant, reactive and reasonable cost, to complement their internal teams or to complete a short assignment- or long-terme, alone or task force, as required.

A health communications agency, What is it ?

As indicated by his name, it is a communications agency specializing in the health sector. It is mainly responsible for the overall management of the brand image through services tailored to this area of ​​activity. To do this, l’medical communications agency studied beforehand your situation in order to develop optimal communication strategy.

To meet a demand for more and more demanding and specific, a Medical communications agency is able to offer you :

  • A personalized audit of your situation
  • Effective market research in your area
  • A custom web programming
  • A purchase of advertising space on the right channel
  • graphic design services

Marketing and Health, the winning duo

In order to enhance their image and their services, health facilities are continuously looking for new strategies. Marketing and communication are among the main tools to make known, gain notoriety and promote its products and services. In an era of new information and communications technology have monopolized a prominent place in our society and our everyday, the health communication s’avère plus que nécessaire.

Dans le domaine de la santé, them agences de communication santé sont les prestataires à solliciter afin d’atteindre ces objectifs de manière optimale. Ces entités sont en mesure de vous fournir les moyens nécessaires pour répondre à tous vos besoins en termes de communication médicale. Zoom sur les agences communication santé et leur rôle prédéterminant dans ce marché en plein essor

Les avantages de recourir à une agence de communication santé

Le secteur de la santé est un domaine particulièrement règlementé en matière de communication santé publique. De ce fait, il convient de faire appel à une Medical communications agency afin de promouvoir ses produits et services efficacement mais surtout sans enfreindre les lois.

Grâce à son équipe rodée dans le domaine de la santé, lmedical communications agency est en mesure de cerner aisément vos besoins. En faisant part de vos objectifs, aussi spécifiques soient-ils, à son équipe, vous aurez à disposition une stratégie de communication en santé publique à la fois pertinente et adaptée à vos objectifs et moyens financiers. Que votre requête soit orientée vers le marketing pharmaceutique, la création d’un site en ligne ou l’organisation d’événementiel, l’agence digitale santé saura répondre de manière efficace à votre demande.

With the experience and skills of team members, your message will reach a maximum target in a minimum of time. Managing your campaign communication santé publique will be provided by industry professionals to bring you the results to your expectations.

The specifics of a health communication agency

Like any other industry, as health requires communication campaigns to promote various products and services. But contrary to the basic products that we find on the market, drugs are subject to strict regulation and firm. This regulation was put in place in order to reduce effectively the risks associated with self-treatment or self-medication.

The Code of Public Health prohibits any entity to carry out any form of direct communication with end consumers. The products subject to this initiative are drugs that require a prescription but also health services provided by doctors. The health professional communication is therefore subject to regular and careful monitoring of the National Agency of Drug Safety that the laws are respected.

Effective communication channels to promote products and services

With the development of the internet and its communication channels, promoting products and services is becoming easier. Aware of this situation, l’Digital health agency use many techniques to convey your message across :

  • Social networks : these platforms runaway success are real effective communication tools. By publishing posts attractive and high value, prospects will themselves. Create a buzz or an attractive and optimized content on Facebook, Twitter ... arouse the interest of Internet users who are potential consumers.
  • SEO : la recherche de renseignements sur des services de santé ou des médicaments s’effectue généralement à travers de grands moteurs de recherche tels que Google ou Youtube. Un bon référencement naturel est alors souhaitable afin d’obtenir un positionnement de choix sur internet. L’optimisation du contenu et des mots-clés est une technique efficace pour améliorer sa visibilité en ligne.
  • L’emailing : cet outil de communication permet de personnaliser son message en fonction des cibles visées. L’envoi de mail est également un moyen efficace de mettre en avant le côté humain du message et d’en mesurer les retours rapidement et concrètement.

Grâce à une healthcare communications agency ou un agence de conseil santé, vous avez accès à une nouvelle stratégie santé digitale and une nouvelle communication santé sur le web. Une healthcare communications agency, tout comme une agence de marketing santé peut vous aider à améliorer votre communication strategy. Vous pouvez bénéficier des conseils en communication santé. Tâchez de respecter le plan de communication santé, le content marketing santé est très délicat.
The communication globale santé et la communication publicité santé sont très répandues en France avec les agences de communication santé à Paris, them agences de communication santé à bordeaux, them agences de communication santé à Lyon et bien d’autres encore. Ces professionnels de la communication santé prennent en main la communication santé interne et externe. Ils contribuent également à la creating health logo et la creating health content.

The healthcare communications media are necessary if you want to highlight your healthcare communications event. Health strategy in the tips are very useful for your health communication projects or for creation of health website. You can get in touch with health communication managers to discuss the Manage your health projects.

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