Terms of Service

Terms of use HealthXpertise.com (TOS)

Preamble - Site Presentation

Le Site HealthXpertise, accessible at www.healthxpertise.com, was created by the Company HealthXpertise, SARL with capital of 10 000 euros with headquarters located 30 boulevard jean Jaures 92 100 Boulogne-Billancourt, registered with the Trade Registry and Companies (R.C.S) of under number 812 515 484.
the Site www.healthxpertise.com is a platform that aims to bring together the experts and companies such as pharmaceutical laboratories and companies in the field of health. The site is accessible to all visitors without creating an account.
Reference Site Experts independent health which are intended to offer healthcare companies or pharmaceutical benefits to medical teams, Marketing & Communication etc.. The services offered by the experts should allow these companies to guide and direct strategic thinking, provide adequate solutions in the above-mentioned areas to see accompany actions in France or abroad. The site allows businesses to have access to a network of experts and, Experts to have increased visibility and to benefit from the notoriety of HealthXpertise in the field of health.
Experts must conduct a registration with the site administrator to make visible their profile. The terms are laid down in Articles 2 and following of the General Conditions. Users can contact directly or indirectly with Experts via the Website, the terms are laid down in Articles 2 and following of the General Conditions.


Site Administrator : Person in charge of the Site, inscriptions and SEO terms on the Site. The Administrator may be a person of HealthXpertise Company or any other person that the Company will be mandated to carry out various functions described in these Terms and Conditions.
users : All natural or legal persons involved in the framework of his professional activities (for pharmaceutical companies or companies in the field of health) who wish to be in contact with an Expert.
Expert : All natural or legal persons working for themselves, can provide benefits to users, having completed the "Become Xpert" and have been validated by the Administrator. They are also named on the pages of the Site "Xperts"
Brief : Summary of needs expressed by a User via the Website to allow HealthXpertise identify experts that could match his expectations.
Login : ID generated by the site the day of the validation of registration of the expert who opens a private session on the Site. With password, the login is a security measure to keep private information.
Mission : Benefit from the Expert and User Optimization : Validation of the registration of an expert on the Site, enabling it in particular to be visible on the site and appear in search engine.
Site : www.healthxpertise.com The site is only to professionals. So, HealthXpertise reserves the right not to follow, unjustifiably, to requests from individuals and especially Experts who have not completed the creation of conditions for their company.
Visitor : Any Internet user who browses the site regardless of the cause and the object. The visitor may be a User, an expert or not.

1. Purpose of the General Conditions

These Terms and Conditions define the terms and conditions under which the website allows visitors to access different site content, Experts to be referenced and matchmaking arrangements between a user and an Expert.

any Internet, whether User, Expert or simply Visitor subject to the provisions of these Terms of Use. He acknowledges having read in its entirety and accept. In the absence of acceptance, Visitor will continue to use the Site. otherwise, non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions may result in civil and / or criminal.

HealthXpertise reserves the right to modify the Website and these Terms of Use at any time, for any reason whatsoever and without notice. The Terms of Service are available on the website http://HealtXpertise.com/conditions-generales/ and prevail over any other version or any other contradictory document.
If changes to the Terms of Use, HealthXpertise will provide any visitor directly to the site the new version, identifiable by the date specified above hereof.
otherwise, HealthXpertise reserves the right to edit or remove, at any time the contents of the site by including the evolution of technology.

2. Operation Site

The Website is a platform linking for business purposes whose operating conditions vary depending on the visitor profile.
The linkage between Experts and Users can be done in two ways :

  • either directly.
    The User may make a request mission to one or more experts via the "Contact the Xpert" Site. HealthXpertise is automatically set copy of the application and the Expert is committed to meet the users in a timely.
  • or indirectly.
    The User may make a Brief to HealthXpertise who will be in charge to identify the experts may respond to his request.

The users, Experts and HealthXpertise are independent parties each other and expressly agree that their relationship through the site is in no way constitute a society of fact or law, a joint company, mandate, a franchise agreement or economic agent, a ratio of wage them.

The Expert and the user will be personally responsible technical and contractual terms of their trade relationship, provided that HealthXpertise is the billing entity to the user on behalf of the Expert. HealthXpertise will in no case be held liable for non-performance, poor or any direct or indirect damage resulting from the business relationship between the User and Expert.

2.1. General obligations

The visitor, Experts and Users agree, without the list being exhaustive, to not: – use the Site for illegal purposes, including to send or save for illegal or fraudulent purposes;
– disrupting the operation of the Site in any way ; – use the various contact forms for purposes other than those stated on the Website and in these Terms and Conditions;
– to comply with applicable law.

Experts and Users undertake to implement all means to meet the respective demands of mission or for information made via the website or by HealthXpertise. They
undertake to be diligent to be, responsive and available in their relations with each other and HealthXpertise.

2.2. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter "Health, Let's talk about it "

Any visitor can subscribe to the free newsletter circulated by HealthXpertise weekly. To register, only the field "E-mail" is mandatory. However, the Visitors are invited to mention all the proposed fields. To stop receiving the newsletter, you must complete the "Unsubscribe me". Your request will be considered promptly by HealthXpertise. All information collected through this subscription is subject to the provisions of article on "Computer and Freedoms".

2.3. specific provisions applicable to Users

The User is a legal person applying directly or indirectly to be linked with one or more experts for the provision of a benefit.

Users can view all of Experts profiles directly on the Website. It is specified that HealthXpertise held to an obligation of means regarding the SEO Experts. HealthXpertise will in no way vouch for the performance of a task. HealthXpertise verifies that all the information provided by the Expert are fair however, only the user is responsible for verifying the accuracy of information provided by the Expert and will have to be personally.

Users hereby agree Terms and Conditions and the names of their company logos can be used and displayed on the Site by any visitor. In case of refusal, a written request must be made with HealthXpertise via the contact form Site.


Users may freely consult the profiles of Experts on the Site. No identification and a password are required to browse the site and view profiles of Experts.

As a reminder, linking between experts and users can be done in two ways. either directly : the user makes a request mission to one or more experts via the "Contact the Xpert" Site. HealthXpertise is automatically set copy of the application and the Expert is committed to meet the users in a timely. indirectly : User makes a Brief to HealthXpertise who will be in charge to identify the experts likely to respond to his request.

As part of its matchmaking application to the Expert or HealthXpertise, User transmits information on its particular needs and : the nature of the service sought, turnaround times, Product Strategy, Product description, the mission objectives etc ...
Users will also send its coordinates to be contacted by an expert and / or HealthXpertise. Without, no matchmaking may be made.

All of this information must allow the expert to determine its ability to meet the needs expressed or HealthXpertise identify experts likely to respond.

In the case of an application for Brief, HealthXpertise loads Experts identify and contact them. HealthXpertise forward to the User once the coordinates of Experts that they have expressed their agreement in principle on the mission. It is recalled that HealthXpertise remains third contract concluded between the User and Expert.

2.4. specific provisions applicable to Experts

Who can become an Expert ?

An Expert is an independent professional who wishes to join the network and HealthXpertise be referenced on the Site. To become expert, Independent professional must make a referral request and sign a contract with Intermediary HealthXpertise.

The Expert should have developed skills and have significant experience in particular in the following areas :
– Health strategy France
– Global health strategy
– Promotional health communication
– Non promotional medical communication
– Health copywriting
– Management of medical Leaders
– Health digital strategy
– Health creation and design
– Media Production Health μ
– Public relations
– Health events
Other experts may, at the request of Xperts be added to this list by HealthXpertise.

Requirements to become an Expert

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Expert acknowledges having been informed that its listing on the Site is subject to the provision of information about him, his company and its services but also to the signing of a contract Intermediary. It is recalled qu'HealthXpertise can charge up 15% fees received for the mission achieved by linking conducted via the Site.

Registration terms on the Site as an Expert

To be visible and referenced on the Site, the expert must make a HealthXpertise to enrollment request by completing the preliminary questionnaire directly accessible on the website in the "Becoming Xpert" tab.

Once this formality accomplished, Administrator will review the expert's profile and may, if necessary, request further information on the experience and skills described by the Expert. HealthXpertise send acceptance or rejection of the expert of SEO on the website as soon as possible, it being understood that the decision has to be a justification and can not be held liable for any HealthXpertise caused either.

HealthXpertise reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Expert's SEO if any of information transmitted in the preliminary questionnaire prove incorrect, fraudulent or incomplete.

In case of refusal on the Site Optimization, the Expert can request removal of personal data transmitted under the article on "Computer and Freedoms".

If SEO acceptance on the Site, HealthXpertise send the Expert business of provider's agreement which specifies the terms and conditions of the partnership established. Upon receipt of the signed business provider's agreement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Expert, it will be referenced on the Site.

Updates and Management Expert profile

The Expert profile consists of a set of information relating to his identity, his company, His experience, his areas of expertise, its services (nature and price conditions), its availability etc ...

To proceed with the update profile, Expert will send an email to HealthXpertise, via the website.
On the contrary, availability calendar can be changed by the expert in the "Availability" tab. This function of the website allows the expert to maintain a visible agenda for Users.

The Expert will ensure the relevance and accuracy of the information regularly ; updates will be made or requested in the shortest time.

3. Confidentiality of the information

HealthXpertise, Expert and User undertake to treat as confidential all information and documents relating to other Users and / or other registered on the site, which they would have had access in the context of linking, the negociation, performance of these Terms and Conditions or any other way, including technical information, commercial, Financial concerning other Users and / or other registered on the site and the information provided by the user to determine the purpose of the proposed mission.

4. Responsibilities and Guarantees

HealthXpertise is an intermediary that facilitates the relationship between Experts and Users. For this reason and without the list being exhaustive, HealthXpertise not be held liable for any of the following events :
– any event, any direct or indirect damage that has its source in the contractual relationship between the User and Expert,
– information intentionally, or not, erroneous provided by an expert or User,
– for any damage resulting from handling on the Site, downloading files of all types, or any use of the Site that is contrary to its destination or not,

otherwise, responsible for HealthXpertise not be held liable directly or indirectly damage due to force majeure or because of a third party.
Are considered as force majeure events beyond the will of HealthXpertise, she could not reasonably foresee and could not reasonably
avoid or overcome. It will be so especially, without this list being restrictive, in case of war, natural disaster, embargo, epidemic, flooding, failure or malfunction of the Internet, any event likely to impede the progress of the site, such as strikes, any accident or fire or any interruption.

HealthXpertise can not guarantee a successful linking and held as such to an obligation of means which may in no case be qualified obligation of result.

HealthXpertise is also required to an obligation of means in terms of accessibility Site. The Website is accessible anytime and anywhere, however, HealthXpertise reserves the right, without notice, or compensation, to temporarily or permanently close the site in whole or in part to carry out such an update, maintenance operations, modifications or changes. This list can not be considered as limiting.

HealthXpertise no warranty on :
– the absence of all computer programs to affect the functioning of the computer system of any visitor, who remains responsible for the protection of its own computer system,
– Site compatibility with the computer system of the Visitor.

The Visitor is the only responsible for the operation and costs of their computing equipment and its Internet access. It also undertakes not to jeopardize the proper functioning of the network and not to disturb the operation of the Site in any way.

5. Moderating Content

The website offers the possibility to include users to leave comments on the profile of one or more experts. These comments should be sent by email, via the website at HealthXpertise which reserves the right to edit, edit view delete any comments deemed detrimental to HealthXpertise, Expert or any other third party, before putting it online.
Are forbidden, without the list being restrictive, all comments on an expert or HealthXpertise whose content reveals a discriminating character, racist, violent, defamatory, abusive, mendacious, intrusive respect for people, or contrary to public order or morality.

6. hyperlinks

The Site may contain hypertext links to other websites which HealthXpertise no control. HealthXpertise not responsible for the content of these sites and updates that may be made thereto.
Experts can insert a hyperlink leading to documents for more complete presentation purposes.
Are naturally excluded from this authorization sites showing an illicit, violent, controversy, pornographic, xenophobic or that may affect the sensitivity of the greatest number.
otherwise, HealthXpertise reserves the right to remove or to remove at any time a hyperlink leading to the site, if it considers not in accordance with its editorial policy.

7. Computer and Freedoms

Users and Experts agreed to transmit personal data to HealthXpertise especially during :
– the request to create a profile Expert,
– of matchmaking request,
– Subscription to the newsletter.

Collecting data intended, without the list being restrictive : diffusion profile Expert, linking, the distribution of the newsletter or account management Expert.
Users and Experts hereby agree that the data is collected for these purposes and it is transmitted through a linking.

According to Law No. 78-17 du 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, called "Data Protection Act", User and Expert have a right of access, correction and cancellation of their data. They can exercise this right by e-mail at : contact@HealthXpertise.com.

In accordance with applicable regulations, processing of the information through the Site has been declared to CNIL under the number by HealthXpertise : 1935279.

8. Intellectual property

the Site, its content and all the constituent elements are creations protected under the law of & rsquo; author. HealthXpertise is the sole copyright holder.
All data Site (images, texts, graphics, etc.) are the sole property of HealthXpertise except special agreement between HealthXpertise and the rights holder.
The Visitor is reproduced, sale, adapter, exploit, disseminate and communicate full or in part by any means and on any medium whatsoever any work or data contained on the Site.
Total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and may constitute copyright infringement.

9. Cookies

HealthXpertise may need to set up cookies that identify visitors during its connection to the Site. A cookie is a small text file deposited in alphanumeric format on the hard drive of the user by the server of the visited website or their content.
The cookie does not identify a visitor but it records information relating to navigation. The cookie may be denied or removed by the Visitor as described by its operating software.
The Visitor hereby acknowledges having been warned of the presence of Cookie.

10. tolerances

Any tolerance or waiver of HealthXpertise, as part of the application of all or part of the commitments in these Terms of Use, whatever may have been the frequency or duration, not be considered a modification, nor generate any right.

11. Severability

If one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are deemed to be invalid or declared as such under any law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In case of difficulties in the execution of these Terms and Conditions and prior to any legal proceedings, to seek an amicable settlement to their dispute. The law applicable to this contract is French law.