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  • Creator of the management of Quality in Health (CPP and CBP 2003 to 2004) CCAM redirector, Medical Agreement Negotiator 2005, SE redirector, Lists in your, DMI a T2a, « T2a consultant» analysis and correction of T2a budgets , CPD trainer, CPD trainer with EPP for recertification
  • Expert T2a CCAM IFAQS Certification
  • Non promotional medical communication,
    Health digital strategy,
    Health strategy France,
    Global health strategy,
    Optimisation budgets,
    Professional relations coaching
  • 28 years experience
  • French
  • 1600/HT hour
  • 5000/HT day
  • Updated ago 7 month
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Reorganization of a health system with inclusion of digital for a State 100 K €

Analysis and mastery project of a readjusted EPRD 30% des gains bruts

Prospective training for all professionals in groups 1000 € / person

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